5G a Major Innovation Accelerator Across Sectors

5G a Major Innovation Accelerator Across Sectors

September 9, 2019

As the roll-out of 5G gets underway around the world, Keysight Vice President Global Marketing Donna Majcen says 5G-enabled technologies have the potential to create major global technology shifts, leading to huge potential for most industries.

According to Keysight Vice President Global Marketing Donna Majcen, 5G and satellite communications, complex test set-ups and path losses in over-the-air test environments are crucial concerns for both commercial and aerospace defense industries.

Keysight says it delivers testing solutions in electronic design, test, manufacturing, and optimization. To address this need in the aerospace industry, Keysight says it has developed the M9384B VXG Microwave Signal Generator – the first of its kind globally.

M9384B delivers an optimized 5G NR test system setup by leveraging dual-channel 44 GHz vector signal generation with up to 2 GHz RF modulation bandwidth. Majcen says other key benefits of this product include low OTA test system path loss and an accelerated product development through integration with Keysight’s PathWave Signal Generation Software.

According to Majcen, when it comes to performing in-building field measurements for where accuracy of the measurement location is crucial, field technicians, engineers and managers often spend more time manually adding markers on floorplans than the actual troubleshooting.

“Keysight’s Nemo Handy, is an Android-based handheld drive test tool that allows users to efficiently measure wireless diagnostics information of air interface and mobile application quality-of-service (QoS) and quality-of- experience (QoE). With its automated location mapping feature, it is ideal for performing measurements such as 5G NR networks in both outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces, while being simultaneously used as a regular mobile phone,” says Majcen.

In the automotive industry, 5G also has game-changing potential as cars become more connected on the road than ever before. Keysight claims this connectivity provides fertile ground for hackers to exploit potential vulnerabilities from inside or outside the vehicle.

The new reality is that cyber-attacks against automobiles could result in the loss of human life according to a recent report by Consumer Watchdog which discusses cybersecurity risks in connected vehicles.

According to Keysight Automotive & Energy Solutions General Manager Tom Goetzl, cars today support multiple communication methods, like Bluetooth and USB while a growing number of cars use mobile communication for a variety of services available in the car.

“To help mitigate risk, Keysight’s Automotive Cybersecurity Program can test for vulnerabilities on all available communication ports and provides direction to our customers on how to close such vulnerabilities,” says Goetzl.

Developed in conjunction with Ixia Solutions Group (ISG), Keysight says its Program can deliver extensive security validations of the 4G/5G radio access network (RAN) infrastructure that connects vehicles, and the backend data centers that manage business operations.

According to ISG President Mark Pierpoint, early assessment, prior to production, is also essential to enabling automotive customers to deliver safe and supportable vehicles.

“Potential issues identified post-production, with the risk of recalls, cost orders of magnitude more to repair than when found during pre-deployment testing, notwithstanding the possible loss of human life. Continued detection and mitigation of cybersecurity threats once vehicles are on the road are equally critical in keeping consumers safe. Cybersecurity testing is an essential defense to ensure the design and implementation of a bullet-proof security posture in connected vehicles,” says Pierpoint.

Data Centers and Telco industries have increasingly complex electronic and communications systems which also require next-gen testing and measurement. According to Majcen, design cycles are shorter, compliance is more difficult to test and pass, as the limits of existing technology are reached. In terabit and optical research, achieving next-generation technology breakthroughs can be difficult with limited test equipment to verify designs.

Keysight claims it solves these pain points with its UXR-Series Real-Time Oscilloscopes providing customers with low noise floor and high vertical resolution to ensure measurements are not impacted by oscilloscope noise and signals are represented accurately. As a result, Keysight says eye diagrams are significantly more open, and true margins and performance can be determined.

As the speed of double date rate (DDR) technology increases, Majcen says engineers face new design and validation challenges. Design error margins decrease, and signal integrity becomes challenging to maintain. Keysight claims its DDR5 testing solution addresses these issues, and says it is first in market to offer a comprehensive solution approach, which includes a new receiver, transmitter, and protocol test solutions.

In terms of Network visibility, network and security operations teams are faced with increasing data volumes and velocity that exceed human scale making security management of highly distributed environments an impossible feat.

Ixia claims its Vision X provides the solution to this challenge. By acting as an access point between the data on the network and the security and monitoring tools, Vision X extracts data from the network and as a broker, it distributes the relevant data to the relevant tools; affording businesses visibility and security coverage to business assets.

“In today’s global economy, success demands an integrated and agile approach to innovation. Delivering the next big thing requires the perfect blend of inspiration, technology, solutions, and partners from around the world,” says Majcen.


(Ed. Keysight Technologies, Inc. delivers solutions to optimize networks and bring electronic products to market, with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, manufacturing test, optimization in networks and cloud environments. Keysight claims it generated revenues of USD 3.9 billion in 2018.)



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