Cirrus Aircraft Launches World’s Cheapest Private Jet

Cirrus Aircraft Launches World’s Cheapest Private Jet

June 23, 2017

With a view to provide affordable corporate jet services, US-based aircraft manufacturer, Cirrus Aircraft launched Vision Jet, valued at AUD 2.62 million. In the category of very light jets, Cirrus claims it’s the cheapest corporate jet available on the market as the average market rate of Business Jets is around AUD 16 million.

By Jagdish Kumar

According to Cirrus, the Vision Jet was years in the making and recently received its seal of approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The Vision Jet has also been approved by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Now certified, Cirrus can commence bookings, with over 600 reservations already received.

Speaking on this, Cirrus Aircraft’s President of Innovation and Operations, Pat Waddick says that the EASA approval of the Vision Jet Type Certificate paves the way for a ramp up of aircraft deliveries in Europe and continues to propel Cirrus Aircraft into new markets across the world.

Cirrus Aircraft claims that those flying the Vision Jet do not require a full-time professional pilot or a full flight department; which helps differentiate it in the luxury personal jet market.

Cirrus’ Chief Engineer on the Vision Jet says that this is the first turbine airplane that’s aimed at the owner-flown market and has been designed as a personal transportation machine.

The launch of Vision Jet is auspicious, as there is significant market interest in air taxi services by the corporate sector.

Generating over 1,800 pounds of thrust, the aircraft is powered by Williams International Turbine, which helps the jet to achieve a range of up to 1,200 nautical miles, or roughly the distance between New York and Chicago and back.

The jet also packs its company trademark parachute system, which can be deployed as a last-ditch measure to save the aircraft and its occupants in cases when a typical emergency landing isn’t possible.

The Vision Jet is a single jet aircraft that includes modular seating for up to five adults, air conditioning and an avionics interface created by Garmin along with four USB power ports so customers can charge their phone mid-flight.

According to a AceJet, a private jet booking company, the current entry-level price tag of private jets ranges from AUD 5.25 million to AUD 9.85 million, to the bespoke, luxury end that exceeds AUD 65 million. In view of this, the launch of Vision Jet by Cirrus may invite plenty of interest among buyers to buy their own jet.

Overall, 11,261 private jets were registered for use in the United States, and 7,997 in the rest of the world.

According to General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the US makes up 49.7 percent of the world market for private jets; Europe 20.8 percent; Asia Pacific 11.8 percent; Latin and South America 11.6 percent; Africa and the Middle East: 6.1 percent.

Canada-based aviation manufacturer, Bombardier, forecasts that India’s fleet will increase from just 125 private jets in 2012 to 1,415 in 2032.

Founded in 1984, Cirrus Aircraft  is wholly owned by China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co Ltd (CAIGA) headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong.


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