Makes USD10M Growth Recovery Challenge Makes USD10M Growth, Recovery Challenge

June 3, 2020

Launched in partnership with Mastercard and The Rockefeller Foundation, the USD 10 Million Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge seeks to foster and promote innovative, scalable solutions from people and organizations all over the world. says it will reward breakthrough projects that use data science to support inclusive growth and recovery post pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has underscored both the vulnerability of individuals and communities to economic
shocks and the important role data science can play in solving some of the world’s most pressing
challenges. As private, civic and social sector organizations tackle the health and economic implications of the pandemic, data science may inform the development of tools and insights that can be used in addressing the needs of all segments of society, especially those most vulnerable.

According to Mastercard Chairman Michael Froman, the Challenge will award up to ten winners with data science talent, software, training, funding and other support valued from USD 10,000 up to USD 10 million. Submissions are welcome from individuals and teams with extensive data science experience, as well those with an idea for how to use data science to address societal issues and advance shared prosperity.

“Coming out of the COVID-19 crisis, we need to double down on ensuring that economic growth is inclusive and that the economically vulnerable have a path to greater financial security and resilience. With this Challenge, we aim to tap into expertise and ingenuity from around the world to identify ways in which data science can contribute to tools and platforms that have positive social impact,” says Froman.

The Challenge welcomes all proposals using data science to advance inclusive growth and recovery with
a preference for projects that promote financial security and economic mobility for workers, help micro
and small businesses access capital, and support economic development.

According to The Rockefeller Foundation President Dr Rajiv J Shah, submissions must have a charitable impact and proposals addressing inclusive growth challenges are eligible, either as an individual or as a team from every part of the world.

“From the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, data science and technology are more important than ever to tackling the world’s biggest challenges. We’re committed to building a future where there are tens of thousands of data scientists solving these problems – because that’s what is needed to truly serve the world’s most vulnerable,” says Dr Shah.

Outlining the competition’s phases, Interim Executive Director Ginger Zielinskie says its all about demonstrating social impact.

“The Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge creates the opportunity to learn from, lift-up and build community around promising applications of data science for social impact. We are excited to hear from diverse organizations across the globe,” says Zielinskie.

According to Zielinskie, the Challenge will have two phases: In phase one, beginning on May 19, applicants should submit an initial application, which will be reviewed by expert judges in collaboration with’s technical partner, DataKind. In phase two, selected finalists will receive support to develop a more detailed proposal and engage in a virtual interview. The deadline for initial proposals to the Challenge will be July 17, 2020.

(Ed. To learn more click here.  Launched by The Rockefeller Foundation and Mastercard, works with organizations to increase the use of data science to tackle society’s most significant challenges. The Rockefeller Foundation says it advances new frontiers of science, data, and innovation to solve global challenges related to health, food, power, and economic mobility.)


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