Digital Fashion House republiqe Debuts Collection Using Virtual Realities

Digital Fashion House republiqe Debuts Collection Using Virtual Realities

August 17, 2020

republiqe Founder James Gaubert uses virtual reality to gamify the joy of shopping. Gaubert says using tech satisfies Gen Z’s desire for a sustainable digital wardrobe that allows for limitless exploration of social dressing.

republiqe claims to be the world’s first digital-only luxury fashion brand that can be worn in virtual realities.

Founded by James Gaubert who says he has over 22 years of experience in luxury fashion including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Bulgari, Net-a-Porter and Harrods. Gaubert says republiqe was conceived to deliver an eco-friendly wardrobe that addresses the detrimental and irreparable issues and environmental footprint caused by fast fashion culture.

Gaubert says the brand’s debut collection this month, features 22 digital garments, including outerwear, tops, bottoms, dresses and features the brand’s signature print of hand-drawn imagery and typography.

“A softer colour palette is used to balance the slightly darker undertones of the designs. This exploration of digital textiles will provide consumers with a style alternative through the limitless possibilities of social dressing,” says Gaubert.

According to Gaubert, the essence of the collection captures the spirit of Gen Z activists.

“Bold, outspoken and passionate, whilst fusing a blend of rebellious sophistication from the early nineties. A softer colour palette such as purist blue, mellow yellow and cassis creates the perfect balance to the slightly darker undertones of the designs,” says Gaubert.

The hand drawn imagery and typography are produced by a group of in-house illustrators. Gaubert says exploring digital textiles allows the brand to fabricate an collection that is beyond the concept of using traditional clothing materials.

republiqe’s online platform promises to offer a journey of “intuitive and personalised digital experiences that are exceptionally visual”.

“A wide selection of product curation and a shoppable interactive platform is expected to delight fashion enthusiasts. Consumers can embrace individuality from the different looks presented as they select an outfit of their choice. After which in-house 3D designers will digitally fit the garment onto the photo uploaded by the shopper. The final outcome of the product will be ready within hours for sharing on social media,” says Gaubert.

According to Gaubert, republiqe aims to eliminate unethical production practices in developing nations, air pollution caused through transportation and limited size options, while taking an important step to reinvent and educate the fashion industry to adopt a more mindful and sustainable consumption behaviour.

“The boundless creative opportunities mixed with a tech driven approach to every element of the brand’s design and supply chain, ultimately ensures a fully sustainable and ethically produced set of digital garments. While we are in an era where it’s not uncommon for an outfit to be viewed as disposable, I created republiqe as a solution to our current fast fashion conundrum. AI clothing makes an argument for voiding the clothing life cycle altogether, without compromising the innovation and creativity behind fashion. In fact, it elevates and challenges the wearer to be more bold in their style choice,” says Gaubert.

(Ed. To check out republiqe’s debut collection, click here. Featured image provided courtesy of republiqe.)


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