Disinfection2U Promise On Demand Within Two Hours

Disinfection2U Promise On Demand Within Two Hours

May 1, 2020

Primech Partners with ServisHero launches On-Demand disinfection service, Disinfection2U, promising deployment within two hours of request.

Primech Services and ServisHero partners to launch a professional disinfection service, Disinfection2U, for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning in Singapore and APAC.

According to Primech Services CEO Vernon Kwek, as the total number of COVID-19 cases steadily rise each day, there is an acceptance that the virus is here to stay for the foreseeable future – not only in the bodies of humans, but also on the surfaces that we see and touch daily.

Kwek says Disinfection2U guarantees a quick and user-friendly booking interface (via the website or through the ServisHero app): just open the page, select the service of your choice and choose a date and time you need it to arrive at your address.

Disinfection2U promises to deploy a professionally trained team within two hours from the booking request. Kwek claims it employs sanitising solutions of the highest international standards (WHO and ISO).

Utilising professional-grade technology like ULV Cold Fogging, using elements such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide, the disinfectant is dispersed in a steady fog of tiny droplets, to ensure maximum disinfection coverage.

Kwek claims while the usual disinfectant results in a 4-log reduction (meaning that it kills 99.99%) of viruses, bacteria and common healthcare-associated pathogens, Primech’s primary disinfectant results in a 6-log reduction (kills 99.9999% – that’s two more decimals), and says it does the job in 60 seconds or less.

Kwek also claims it is non-irritating to the skin and eyes, with no strong chemical odours, and does not stain or damage equipment.

For high touchpoints like lift panels, letter boxes, door knobs and handles, Disinfection2U employs a self-sterilising coating which Primech is the sole distributor of in Singapore. This coating implements nanotechnology to produce a powerful bactericidal effect that kills pathogens rapidly once they come into contact with its surface. Furthermore, the coating is resistant to scratches to prevent it from falling off easily.

Kwek says while regular disinfectants only provide temporary relief, Primech’s sanitising solutions help to protect the treated surfaces for up to three months. In addition, Kwek claims that a pre and post-disinfection germ test will be provided to validate the effectiveness of the sanitising process.

“During this period of crisis, it is more important than ever that businesses try to leverage on our expertise, to make enterprise-level solutions accessible to smaller properties and homes. Our cleaning products and professional team not only achieve this, but also do it efficiently and at an affordable rate – up to fifty percent cheaper than our competitors,” says Kwek.

ServisHero CEO Karl Loo says that with the apps easy accessibility, he hopes to make a positive community impact.

“As a professional service provider, we are more equipped to deliver effective solutions to the greater public. We are especially committed to servicing vulnerable communities and essential service providers during this trying time. Our platform is constantly innovating and improving, in order to bring the best services and products to the people who need them,” says Loo.

(Ed. To access the The Disinfection2U service go here.)


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