Equinix & FPT Partnership Helps Crypto Co MTX Go Global

December 11, 2019

Equinix partners with Vietnamese telco provider FPT to help Vietnamese companies expand into overseas markets. This move will support blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency trading platform MTX to foray into the Southeast Asia market.

Vietnam’s economy is set to expand as it continues its transformation into a global manufacturing hub. This is evidenced by the fact that in 2018, Vietnam outstripped Chinese GDP growth for the first time in nearly three decades. As Vietnam’s economy matures, local businesses are starting to consider taking the next step in their growth and expand beyond the country’s borders.

As companies move towards a multi-cloud, multi-technology and multi-collaboration oriented digital future, FPT says it used Platform Equinix to build end-to-end Fully Managed Services including infrastructure, network, security, application, data, resiliency, scalability, migration, optimization and more.

According to FPT Telecom International CEO Pham Duy Phuc, this combined offering of FPT’s connectivity and Platform Equinix provides local businesses, including MTX, with the regional and direct connectivity that they need to take their business abroad.

“Over the years we’ve witnessed customers demanding for a more comprehensive solution that helps them resolve and improve multiple issues – equipment, configuration and colocation needs. Equinix’s global interconnection presence and reputation as the leading data center provider worldwide enable us to address these changing customer needs by providing connectivity solutions on a regional and global scale. We’re glad to deepen this strong partnership with Equinix to enable and support the expansion of Vietnamese companies into overseas markets,” says Pham.

By collaborating with Equinix and FPT, MTX is able to expand its business in Southeast Asia starting with Singapore. It aims to benefit from the high-speed and low-latency connectivity necessary for high-quality financial services, such as smooth and fast transactions of cryptocurrency, as well as instant order settlement on its platform.

MTX is a cryptocurrency trading platform provider. It offers blockchain-enabled services, including cryptocurrencies exchange, wallet services, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), white label portal and more, with a goal to provide both local and global businesses, as well as cryptocurrency traders, a powerful and user-driven network of exchanges to help them grow their businesses.

Through the combined solution from FPT and Equinix, MTX will be able to achieve High Frequency Trading (HFT) with a 5x increase in cryptocurrency transactions per second, from 1 million to 5 million transactions per second. MTX users will also be able to experience significantly lowered latency for user transactions, with a round trip end-user to use-platform transaction taking just 32-50 microseconds.

As a long-term partner since 2013, Equinix and FPT have a strong partnership that spans across Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. FPT’s connectivity solutions, combined with Equinix’s global interconnection platform, is able to provide added value via regional connectivity solutions to FPT’s customers who are looking to expand their presence into the region.

As part of Platform Equinix with more than 200 International Business ExchangeTM (IBX®) worldwide, Equinix Singapore data centers are business hubs for more than 595 companies.  Currently, Equinix claims to have the most network dense data centers in Singapore.

According to Equinix MD South Asia Yee May Leong, their four facilities are interconnected via low-latency dark fiber links, providing companies with the widest selection of international and regional networks in South Asia.

“We are proud that our long-term strategic partnership with FPT has enabled its customers expand beyond the Vietnamese market. The success with MTX also demonstrates the importance of a distributed interconnection platform in delivering secure, high-speed and low-latency blockchain services. Our highly advanced IT infrastructure and private connections make Equinix the perfect platform to complement the key attributes of blockchain applications,” says Yee.

Commenting on the partnership, MTX COO Lê Phương Nguyên says with MTX’s entry into Singapore, they are hoping this will pave the way for expansion plans into Southeast Asia.

“The combined solutions from both FPT and Equinix provide MTX with the connectivity that allows us to deliver tailored solutions to our customers on a global and local level, which in turn, allows end users to benefit from a much better user experience thanks to the high-quality and seamless services that we bring to the table as a white-label exchange solution provider,” says Nguyên.

(Ed. Featured image of Signing Ceremony courtesy of Equinix, Left to Right: MTX COO Lê Phương NGUYÊN, FPT Business Director Đoàn Đăng KHOA and Equinix MD South Asia Yee May Leong.)


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