Free Cyber Security Program on Offer in 100 Universities

Free Cyber Security Program on Offer in 100 Universities

March 5, 2020

To help address the cyber security skills shortage worldwide, Check Point says its free cyber security program is now delivered through 100 universities and higher learning institutions in 40 countries.

Check Point Software Technologies says its SecureAcademy education initiative reached a major milestone with the 100th academic institution joining the program to provide a comprehensive cyber security curriculum to students worldwide.

SecureAcademy claims to offer an in-depth academic program to tertiary institutions. SecureAcademy courses are now available at 100 universities in 40 countries, helping to shape the cyber-experts of the future and narrowing the cyber skills gap. Recent research shows the number of unfilled cyber security roles now stands at 4.07 million professionals globally, up from 2.93 million last year.

Check Point says it works with recognised national and international universities, colleges and accredited higher education institutions to deliver the SecureAcademy program’s courses. These introduce students to cyber security concepts such as identifying and resolving security threats, and give hands-on experience with leading security solutions.  Completing the course gives students industry-recognised certifications in cyber security skills.

Check Point offers the SecureAcademy instructor training courseware, instructor certification, software licenses and marketing support completely free of charge.

Students who pass the certification exam upon completion will be extended an interview opportunity for employment at Check Point global offices or its network of more than 5000 affiliate organisations.

Commenting on the program, Check Point Director Education Services Shay Solomon says this milestone shows the value that both students and leading educations institutions place on the SecureAcademy program.

“[This] is helping to equip the next generation of cyber-warriors with the skills they need to succeed in the industry. The cybersecurity skills gap is large and still growing, so initiatives such as SecureAcademy and our innovative Knowledge Programs will be key to attracting and engaging students to help bridge that gap. By offering range of opportunities for formal learning and professional development, we can give students a deeper understanding of the sector, and a fast-track route to employment,” says Solomon.

Solomon claims as part of Check Point’s commitment to develop the next generation of cyber security professionals, it is also offering a new, free 4.5 hour online technical training course via, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider which delivers IT and cyber security training to anyone, anywhere, and every skill level.

The course covers cyber security threats and security management. Further free training modules will be available in 2020 covering cloud security, IoT security, mobile security and threat prevention.

Check Point says it also offers CloudGuard Cyber-Range training. These courses deliver immersive cyber security training in simulated environments via the flexible Cyber Range cloud platform, offering an engaging, gamified learning environment. Training is fully adaptive to users’ needs with built-in debriefing and progression tracking.

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