Industry 4.0 Heralds Era of Easy Customisation

Industry 4.0 Heralds Era of Easy Customisation

September 13, 2019

SAP Head of Digital Supply Chain APJ Graham Conlon says in today’s complex digital economy, customisation is now the norm. We share the specs on upcoming Industry 4.0 event, Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2019.

The state of readiness for Industry 4.0 adoption is ramping up in Asia Pacific. Manufacturers and companies are heeding the call to action amidst escalating concerns over low labour productivity impacting economic growth.

Addressing stumbling blocks over Industry 4.0, SingEx Exhibitions and Deutsche Messe have partnered to bring Industrial Transformation Asia to Singapore in October 2019. According to CEO of Deutsche Messe Dr. Jochen Köckler, ITAP 2019 promises a self-contained ecosystem for end-to-end engagements among I4.0 practitioners across multiple sectors, with a line-up of focused and specialised approaches to speed up I4.0 adoption.

“Today, manufacturers face very different challenges compared to only a few years ago. Together with the R&D sector, suppliers of production, logistics and energy technologies have to adjust to meet these new demands. ITAP 2019 brings together users and providers of all sizes to actively shape this transformation in the key sectors of automation, industrial IT and software, energy, logistics, and additive manufacturing,” says Dr. Köckler.

According to ABB Singapore Managing Director Johan de Villiers, with regional governments emphasizing the need to be ready for the digital revolution, organisations are realising that I4.0 adoption is not an option, but a necessary solution to future-proof businesses; those who can gain first-mover advantage will win.

“We’ve seen digitalisation, robotics and automation coming together to enable our customers to work side- by-side with technology and deliver new levels of productivity and safety. No matter the size of a company, digital transformation can help to realise new opportunities today to enable sustained business success while reducing the impact on environment and people. The challenge is no longer whether to start but how to scale and build momentum,” says de Villiers.

The agenda says it will include prototype solutions on automation, budgets, sustainability and roadmaps for businesses to undergo full integration on I4.0.

According to SAP Head of Digital Supply Chain APJ Graham Conlon, I4.0 adoption does not require organisations to overhaul existing machinery and equipment when new software will work just as well. Getting started can be as easy as opting for turnkey or scalable solutions.

To meet those needs, ITAP 2019 says it will offer Collaboration Lab, a platform for companies to collaborate and co-create by test bedding and retrofitting solutions. Participating organisations include Singapore Polytechnic, Microsoft, Beckhoff, Rockwell Automation and Emerson.

“In today’s complex digital economy, customisation is the norm. Companies that want to capitalise on the potential of Industry 4.0 need to keep customer experience front and centre. They can do this with a predictive and intelligent digital connected supply chain that connects the entire ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and partners. This integrated design to operate approach —from design, planning and manufacturing to logistics and ongoing maintenance – allows businesses to design smarter, address issues with insight and continuously innovate,” says Conlon.

Furthering the agenda in smart logistics is the Learning Lab, which ITAP 2019 says will feature live demonstrations on the capabilities and applications of autonomous solutions in the intralogistics environment. The aim is to enable organisations to achieve flexibility, adaptability and proactivity in their processes.

In the field of advanced manufacturing, one of the trends being observed closely by the industry is that of industrial robots, which are becoming smaller, smarter and more dexterous. The Robotics Experiential Zone debuts this year and promises to highlight robotics displays and interactive exhibits that emphasise their importance in advanced manufacturing and service sectors.

Curated by the Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), the zone will also highlight start-up pitches to uncover innovative solutions. To support these activities, SIAA says it will work with the National Robotics R&D Programme Office (NR2PO) to support IP generation in the robotics space.

According to Singapore Economic Development Board Assistant Managing Director Lim Kok Kiang a positive exchange of ideas and information on I4.0 transformation, manufacturers, suppliers and solution providers can form the right partnerships to drive transformation.

“As Singapore evolves our manufacturing sector and enhances the supporting infrastructure to ride the Industry 4.0 wave, we hope that more companies in Singapore will come on board the journey and take industrial transformation to the next level,” says Lim.

According to SingEx Holdings CEO Aloysius Arlando, Asia Pacific companies who are facing Industry 4.0 disruption will find the right guidance at ITAP 2019 to determine the best solutions customised for their needs.

“While the state of readiness is increasing, many companies lack the in-depth knowledge to get started, and for those who have started, going beyond the pilot stage remains a problem. Industrial Transformation will address these pain points and provide the catalyst for companies to find the right solutions with the right fit that align with their business objectives,” says Arlando.

ITAP 2019 will be held at EXPO and MAX Atria, Singapore on 22 and 24 October 2019.


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