OneBreath Breakthrough in Lung Cancer Detection Tech

OneBreath Breakthrough in Lung Cancer Detection Tech

March 11, 2020

Asia’s healthcare venture fund HealthXCapital invests in US-based Breath Diagnostics Inc; which has developed OneBreath, a tech platform that promises accurate, affordable, rapid, and safe lung cancer detection by analyzing a single exhaled breath.

Breath Diagnostics Inc announces its raised significant investment from HealthXCapital this month. The two organizations says they will aim to collaborate to pursue pan-Asian investment, conduct clinical studies and execute market penetration strategies across the US and Asia.

Pursuant to the investment, HealthXCapital’s representative, Arda Minocherhomjee, a Managing Partner with the Chicago Growth Fund and Venture Capital and Private Equity executive with extensive Merger and Acquisition experience, will join Breath-Dx’s Board of Directors.

Breath-Dx, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has developed OneBreath which is a proprietary technology platform to provide accurate, affordable, rapid, and safe lung cancer detection by analyzing a single exhaled breath.

Breath Diagnostics President and CEO Brian Ennis says as an investor and strategic partner, HealthXCapital specializes in facilitating accelerated scale for healthcare companies through its partner network.

“We are glad to have their market expertise on board to help us extend our reach in Asia as well as the US. With HealthXCapital’s support, we intend to grow our presence and use our technology to revolutionize global access to lung cancer screening,” says Ennis.

According to the World Health Organization, lung cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide and Asia constitutes over 51 percent of lung cancer incidence. Ennis says timely screening for lung cancer is a significant challenge for the region’s at-risk population due to the lack of accurate screening tools, affordability and accessible infrastructure.

“Lung cancer is a ‘silent killer’ often going undetected until it is too late. An affordable, fast, easy to administer test with early detection capability will make a significant positive impact for at-risk patients, their families and payors,” says Ennis.

Since its inception, it is Breath-Dx’s goal to create, commercialize and market a non-invasive, easy-to-use and affordable diagnostic tool which has led to its patented OneBreath technology. The company claims its innovation will significantly enhance access and dramatically improve compliance within the at-risk communities for lung cancer screening.

The OneBreath test selectively detects a spectrum of volatile organic markers and therefore has the potential to expand into other cancer indications, as well as a variety of other disease states. The test will also be used to characterize indeterminate pulmonary nodules and monitor for potential cancer recurrence after surgery. Breath-Dx’s technology provides better accuracy than current technologies, all within 24 hours.

According to HealthXCapital Partner Seemant Jauhari, despite the region’s dramatic growth in recent decades, cancer screening in Asia is still a challenge,  exposing the vast majority of population to cancer risk.

“Asia is home to over 60% of the global population. Breath Diagnostics, has significant potential in scaling its technology across the region thereby improving outcomes significantly. We believe that, together, we can meaningfully impact patient communities in dire need of better screening capabilities,” says Jauhari.

To date, Breath-Dx has cumulatively studied 800 subjects using the breath analysis technology. The data from these various studies have been disclosed in ten peer-reviewed publications; representing the most of any breath analysis company. The company has also formed strategic collaborations with Mayo Clinic Laboratories for validation of the clinical assay, Parexel for clinical trial management and PDI Works for product development.

(Ed. The OneBreath breath analysis platform was originally conceived, developed, and patented by scientists at the University of Louisville US, and is exclusively licensed to Breath Diagnostics. HealthXCapital is a Singapore-based early stage venture fund, investing exclusively in healthcare technology startups sourced globally, applicable to and scalable in Emerging Asia. It is backed by marquee financial investors Jungle Ventures (Singapore) and Apollo Hospitals (India).


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