Quadria Capital Announces Second Fund of USD 595 M

Quadria Capital Announces Second Fund of USD 595 M

March 4, 2020

Quadria Capital, a healthcare-focused private equity firm in Asia, announces its successfully closed its latest fund, Quadria Capital Fund II, at an increased hard cap far exceeding a USD 400 million target.

Investors include leading global asset managers, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance, healthcare corporates and development finance institutions across the US, Europe and Asia.

Commenting on the success, Quadria Capital Managing Partner Abrar Mir claims future growth is expected to be double-digit.

“We are extremely excited about the successful close of our second fund as we build on our consistent strategy to capture the region’s immense healthcare opportunity. Asia’s healthcare market is expected to reach US$4.2 trillion in the next five years, exceeding that of the US and Europe combined today. It will continue to grow at 12 percent annually, compared to 5 percent growth globally,” says Mir.

Quadria Capital Fund II has already made two milestone investments into global healthcare  businesses including AKUMS Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, India’s largest pharma CDMO company, and the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, the world’s largest gastric sciences hospital, in partnership with the Mayo Clinic Network.

“We are pleased to be supported by like-minded global investors to deliver sustainable impact beyond compelling financial returns. As a strategic partner to the healthcare businesses that we invest in, we bring to bear Quadria’s proprietary healthcare ecosystem of healthcare professionals, companies, technologies and expertise to support long-term growth and value creation,” says Mir.

Quadria Capital claims it focuses on partnering with high-potential healthcare companies in the region to nurture future industry leaders through its active and collaborative investment strategy, while seeking to generate attractive returns for its investors.

The firm says it currently manages total active capital of over USD 1 billion. The firm has made over 20 investments in healthcare businesses across Asia which they claim have cumulatively treated over 17.5 million patients, managed 2,500 hospital beds, funded 2,600 doctors and clinical staff and created over 11,000 jobs.

According to Quadria Managing Partner Dr Amit Varma, the firm has the region’s largest healthcare-dedicated investment and operating team on the ground with over 20 professionals with complementary skillsets across clinical services, operations, strategy and investment. Together, they hold a combined 230 years of direct healthcare experience, with members having held key management positions with healthcare companies around the globe.

“Countries in South and Southeast Asia are home to nearly a third of the world’s population and shoulder almost half of the world’s diseases burden. However, they receive just 5 percent of the global expenditure, and this severe underfunding of public health expenditure is challenging their development. This compounds the other issues faced by these regions including demographic changes such as fast-growing and ageing populations, exposure to chronic diseases as well as increased exposure to infectious diseases – including Covid-19 – that have been spreading exponentially recently,” says Varma.

Quadria Capital wa recognised for both its investment and impact performance, having won the Healthcare investor of the Year award by HealthInvestor Asia in 2019 and is ranked by the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) in the top quintile amongst global funds for its impact and ESG performance.

Some of the companies that Quadria Capital has invested in include:

Medica Synergie – the largest hospital chain in Eastern India

Soho Global Health – Indonesia’s leading integrated pharmaceutical and healthcare company

Concord Biotech – a leading global firm in immunosuppressant and oncology pharmaceuticals

FV Hospital – leading JCI-accredited, tertiary care hospital in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Medical Specialists Asia – Southeast Asia’s leading doctor network with over 100 doctors

Strand Life Sciences – a globally recognised leader in oncology pathology and bioinformatics

Healthcare at Home – India’s largest integrated home care network

Lablink – One of the largest pathology businesses in Southeast Asia and the largest in-hospital laboratory business in Malaysia

(Ed. Featured image of Managing Partners Abrar Mir and Dr Amit Varma provided courtesy of Quadria Capital.)


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