INDVSTRVSMarch 1, 2021

HIMA Vice President Asia Pacific Friedhelm Best says for IoT to truly improve the counterfeit drug problem, one must have faith not just in the supply chain but in the production process itself; new, fully integrated 'continuous manufacturing' drug production facilities may just be the answer.

INDVSTRVSOctober 13, 2020

MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tonio Buonassisi says with AI, businesses don't have to keep using trial and error for systems that take several months to build. Instead, machine learning can reproduce the sort of advances that is being made at MIT and SMART in the comfort of your own office, and, can help find a solution exponentially faster than one may have done otherwise...

INDVSTRVSJune 15, 2020

While Singapore has a reputation for outstanding education outcomes, the private education sector has a reputation for exorbitant fees, and, are largely unaffordable as 'expat benefits' have generally become a thing of the past. We chat with EdTech, Geniebook Co-Founders Neo Zhizhong and Alicia Cheong on why they think there's still a place for private tuition in Singapore.