INDVSTRVSSeptember 1, 2020

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas says the pandemic presents an opportunity to rethink the way we approach education, and discusses how universities can tailor education to a new generation of learners who have shifting social needs and expectations.

INDVSTRVSJune 17, 2020

Researchers from Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have published a new satellite-based study that reveals the severity of peatland damage in Southeast Asia, using a unique approach that allows remote monitoring of subsidence and carbon dioxide emissions in tropical peatlands.

INDVSTRVSJune 15, 2020

While Singapore has a reputation for outstanding education outcomes, the private education sector has a reputation for exorbitant fees, and, are largely unaffordable as 'expat benefits' have generally become a thing of the past. We chat with EdTech, Geniebook Co-Founders Neo Zhizhong and Alicia Cheong on why they think there's still a place for private tuition in Singapore.