INDVSTRVSJune 8, 2020

OpenText Senior Industry Marketing Strategist Thomas Leeson says now is the time to migrate to the cloud and bring increased flexibility to the manufacturing sector, as production shutdowns and plant closures enforced on manufacturers to curb the pandemic curve has precipitated a global industry crisis on a scale not seen by the current generation.

INDVSTRVSJanuary 21, 2020

Respected US Financial Banking Strategist and Financial Advisor to the White House Jim Marous argues most people have had poor traditional banking experiences, and says open banking will force banks to finally deliver on decades of empty promises; so which imcumbent will lead the charge in merging the best of fintech and the traditional?

INDVSTRVSSeptember 10, 2019

OpenText Head of Technology Lan Wang discusses workforce readiness, as AI, automation and robotics become an increasing part of our daily lives, the creation of efficiencies in the delivery of products and services will be a key consideration in how we govern change.

INDVSTRVSJuly 12, 2019

Mastercard announces its partnership with EIM company OpenText to increase financial efficiencies across global supply chains, starting in the automotive industry. Mastercard Executive VP Claire Thompson says Mastercard Track will allow companies irrespective of size, location or technical capability to build security into trading partner relations.

INDVSTRVSMay 21, 2019

We caught up with a candid and clever global leader in Enterprise Information Management, OpenText CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea on his recent visit to Singapore to discuss the latest trends on security, governance, privacy and how data can be used for good.