INDVSTRVSFebruary 19, 2019

A growing power demand in India and Southeast Asia offers prime opportunity for solar energy players as industry forces, together with pro-solar Government incentives, deliver cheaper solar PV systems. According to Roland Berger, utility-scale solar is predicted to take off in Southeast Asia, with approximately 20 GW of new capacity by 2035, including some large projects with capacities of more than 100 MW.

INDVSTRVSOctober 29, 2018

Global RE-INVEST India-ISA Partnership Renewable Energy Investors Expo held its second meet in Greater Noida, India in early October, with the CEO of Softbank Masayoshi Son pledging free solar power after 25 years of PPA to children, mothers, and communities across all ISA member countries.

INDVSTRVSApril 4, 2017

Africa and the Middle East with abundant solar radiation have crossed the threshold of the learning curve in harnessing solar power. The countries in the two regions are now moving towards what can be called potential powerhouses of the world, only if the momentum set by international collaborations and private participation sustains it.

INDVSTRVSFebruary 28, 2017

The Indian Government has set a target to generate 100 GW from solar power by 2022 through solar farms, rooftop solar and off grid-solar plants construction in largely remote, rural communities. To do this, India is combining its commitment to create a sustainable renewables energy market with a social enterprise – to train, and empower women from disadvantaged communities to become solar entrepreneurs.