Talisman Nabs Top Talent with New Exec Appointments (2)

Talisman Nabs Top Talent with New Exec Appointments

March 3, 2021

Former McLaren Racing Exec Dharpan Randhawa takes CEO role at Talisman and  IT industry veteran Adrian Jones joins as its Chairman, promising to connect the world of sports to technology.

Sports marketing agency Talisman, announces two executive appointments, Dharpan Randhawa, as its new CEO and technology industry veteran Adrian Jones as Chairman.

Talisman says its on a journey to unlock potential beyond traditional sports and marketing agencies’ boundaries by introducing advanced technologies such as intelligent automation to create a deeper value-chain between sports brands and their partners.

With digital adoption disrupting consumer behavior at an unprecedented rate, Talisman CEO Dharpan Randhawa claims its technology can unlock new revenue and engagement potentials within a sport, the teams, and their fans.

“We are experiencing a digital revolution which is disrupting the way sports is consumed, enjoyed, experienced, and most importantly distributed and monetized. The model has been redesigned to create abundant opportunities for brands and properties. Talisman is in the driving seat of this hyper-commercialization of sport and fully immersed in innovation-driven ecosystems by providing new ideas, business models, products, and services for our clients and partners. We are a global player with a focus on the tremendous market potential in Asia. We exist to help our clients drive improved competitiveness in a world of sweeping digital transformation,” says Randhawa.

As former SVP at McLaren Racing, Randhawa says he was responsible for partnership development in APAC, and before, as VP at Lagardère Group (SPORTFIVE), ran various sporting events across Asia.

Commenting on his own recent appointment, Chairman Adrian Jones believes Talisman sits at the forefront of sports marketing.

“I’m tremendously excited to join this extraordinary team. Technology and sport are already connected on every level. From the analytics that make the game and athletes compete better to getting that extra boost of performance in a race. No other agency can combine this kind of deep industry experience with state-of-the-art technology to truly unlock the great partnership of technology and sport that will continue to drive innovation at an unprecedented level and accelerate the future together,” says Jones.

During his time at Hewlett Packard, Jones says he was responsible for its USD 12 billion channel business and led a strong multi-billion dollar organization at Oracle Asia Pacific. His track record includes building large-scale sales teams while growing revenues for the largest Fortune 500 companies at a double-digit growth rate each year.

Talisman says it has strong roots in the motorsports sector, where technology has always played a fundamental role in pushing the boundaries of what man and machine can achieve. Data-driven sports like Formula One use such data to attain a competitive edge. Drawing from its motorsport experience, Talisman says it can leverage its unique technology platform to help teams gain an engineering advantage. Similarly, Talisman says it can deploy this technology to identify how data can deepen sports fans’ engagement, opening up more meaningful ways of how right holders and brands connect with their fans worldwide.

(Ed. Featured image of Chairman CEO Adrian Jones courtesy of Talisman.)