Tech Start-up Haulio Digitizes Singapore Haulage Industry

Tech Start-up Haulio Digitizes Singapore Haulage Industry

February 22, 2019

Singapore’s first centralized logistics App – the Haulio Connectivity System (HCS) was launched this month, with many in the industry lauding the digitization of haulage. The app claims to streamline connectivity between container haulage companies and drivers, which may dramatically reduce under-utilization between deliveries.

By Joanne Leila Smith

Logistics-tech start-up Haulio unveiled Singapore’s haulage industry’s first mobile-focused app, its Haulio Connectivity System (HCS) to connect container haulage companies and drivers in real time.

The official launch this week was attended by Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health Dr Lam Pin Min, whom witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Haulio and Yang Kee Logistics – which pledges an exclusive amalgamation of the Logistics Integrated Transport Ecosystem (LITE) with Haulio’s Connectivity Platform.

The launch of the Haulio Connectivity System (HCS) complements Haulio’s current resource pooling platform, the Haulio Connectivity Platform (HCP), accelerating Haulio’s transformation into Singapore’s fastest growing full-service marketplace and mobile platform to facilitate resource sharing and digitize operations for the container haulage community.

LITE is a SGD 1.8 million project led by Yang Kee Logistics and supported by Enterprise Singapore, to develop a cloud-based platform that will resolve traditional pain points and transform the logistics industry by connecting multiple stakeholders and intermediaries like haulers, depot operators and freight forwarders. This will enable real-time information exchange and yield productive operations by digitizing manual processes to enhance supply chain visibility.

According to Haulio’s CEO Alvin Ea, both are strategic partners fueled by a common vision to improve the haulage industry. Ea says the integration of both Haulio’s and Yang Kee Logistics’ platforms will generate significant digital and operational synergies for the industry and is expected to be rolled out industry-wide by end of 2019.

Both companies have stated they expect to see over 150,000 job transactions and 900 prime movers on their combined platforms over the next three years.

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Haulio signs an MoU with Yang Kee Logistics to integrate all parties’ resourcing platforms to help centralize and fully digitalize the haulage industry in Singapore. Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health Dr Lam Pin Min was present to witness the signing.

According to Haulio’s CEO Alvin Ea, Haulio’s vision is to pioneer a new technological standard across the container logistics sector and eradicate outdated manual processes that have been in place over the past 40 years.

Ea says the app bridges hauliers, clients and drivers across a single interface for enhanced data standardisation, efficiency and collaboration. Hauliers are afforded greater visibility of drivers and trips, as well as reduced manual paperwork. Conversely, the improved overview also allows customers to track job progress and fulfilment more easily.

“Drivers can access an overview of their performance, trip incentives and behaviour via their HCS dashboard, plus enjoy seamless communication with their controllers via mobile. The app syncs with PSA’s Port Messaging system for easier assignment and management of jobs, and a Digital Trip Form function that can archive and record data of drivers’ daily trips. This eliminates manual entry and allowing faster reconciliation of jobs. HCS also assimilates with various Transport Management Systems (TMS) to seamlessly retrieve and push relevant data for existing users,” says Ea.

Ea says Haulio’s product reflects Singapore’s march towards its Smart Nation mandate, as well as PSA’s vision for greater supply chain efficiencies through the Internet of Logistics.

With an outreach of more than 70% of the haulage industry, of which most are SMEs, Ea says Haulio is poised to accelerate digitization significantly for these industry players.

Some concern over digitalization of manual processes will compound technological unemployment among seniors, which make up the bulk of the haulage industry. To meet this industry challenge, Ea says Haulio will provide a comprehensive app onboarding process for users.

“We want to encourage drivers to navigate a digital future with confidence and empower haulage companies with basic technological enablers. Beyond adding convenience and productivity to haulers’ current workflow, the introduction of HCS into the haulage ecosystem will allow older workers to upskill and keep abreast of technological advancements. Our aim is to drive the technological sophistication of this profession and attract younger generations to revitalize an aging industry,” says Ea.

Currently Haulio has over 300 company users and more than 70% of the hauler community onboard HCP, with over 170 hauler companies active on the platform. Haulio’s network comprises of a fleet of more than 2,000 trucks and 20,000 trailers on the platform, moving over 2 million tonnes of cargo since its launch in May 2017.

On average, 300 containers are moved daily for users, who have transacted over SGD 2.5 million to date.

Haulio raised SGD 1 million in their seed round led by PSA unboXed together with 500 Startups, NUS Enterprise and several logistics industry angel investors in May 2018. Ea says its team is now looking to expand into Southeast Asia, primarily Thailand and Indonesia, in their bid to drive the digital metamorphosis of the ASEAN haulage industry.

The HCS app is currently available on Android and iOS and has more than 20 hauler companies signed on as beta users.

The launch event was supported by PSA International (PSA), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Workforce Singapore (WSG).


(Featured image courtesy of PSA International. Inset image courtesy of Haulio.)


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