Trendlines Labs Opens Doors in Singapore, Seeks Creative Engineers

Trendlines Labs Opens Doors in Singapore, Seeks Creative Engineers

August 5, 2020

The Trendlines Group, an Israeli and Singapore-based investment group focused on inventing technologies and creating medical and agrifood companies, announces its expanding its in-house activities to Singapore with the establishment of Trendlines Labs Singapore in July 2020.

According to Trendlines Labs Singapore CEO Todd Dollinger, the Lab will invent and develop novel medical technologies, innovate and created value for Trendlines’ portfolio companies and strategic partners.

Doolinger says the strategy for expanding its activities in South East Asia is to build upon the success of the Trendlines Labs in Israel. The aim for Trendlines Labs Singapore is to be an in-house innovation centre focused on inventing medical technologies and developing solutions and products to meet unmet needs through healthcare institutions, universities, the private sector and the start-up ecosystem in Singapore.

Commenting on the opening of the Lab last month, Dollinger says operating as a business unit of Trendlines Medical Singapore, Labs Singapore will capitalise on Trendlines’ “strong relationships with decision makers and clinical experts in the medical industry to invent and develop innovative devices, supplies, equipment, and digital concepts”.

“As a result of our public listing in 2015 and the establishment of Trendlines Medical Singapore in 2016, Trendlines has made remarkable progress in building its presence in the medical technology space in Singapore. Building on the extensive collaborations we have established with local and regional entrepreneurs, research institutions, hospitals, and medical device industry players, Labs Singapore will create value through the invention and development of market-oriented medical technologies for our portfolio companies and strategic partners,” says Dollinger.

Trendlines Medical Singapore CEO Eric Loh agrees.

“After four years of rapid growth – including the creation and development of 11 Singapore-based companies established with local partners, Trendlines Labs and other strategic partners, we are delighted to go one step further and formally establish a Singapore-based team to provide in-house product conceptualization and development of novel medical devices. With strong support from the Singapore government, including the Enterprise Singapore’s Capability Development Grant, we are building a staff of intensely creative engineers from diverse backgrounds to explore opportunities with healthcare institutions and corporate partners that will work with us toward the mission of creating and developing companies to improve the human condition,” says Loh.

(Ed. Featured image by Photographer Quang Nguyen Vinh.)


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