Artisans are creatives, painters, writers, sculptors, storytellers, designers, thespians, chefs, musicians, performers, poets.

Creating Smarter Fashion With AI

Nascent generative AI can create 3,000 designs in two days. But fashion experts say designers can find a friend in AI, debunking fears it would replace humans.

Creativity and Mass Personalization to Define Industry 5.0

Universal Robots Head of Southeast Asia & Oceania Darrell Adams muses about manufacturing in 2035 and explores whether humans and machines working together may be a nightmare or a dream collaboration.

Ten Principles to Forge a Cooperative Urban Ecosystem

Revisiting the book from the Centre for Liveable Cities and Urban Land Institute to address common challenges cities face in building climate resilience.

Businesses Must Ideate Not Hibernate During a Crisis

Inmarsat Aviation Vice President Dominic Walters says marketing is more important in a crisis than during an economic boom, and argues that a global pandemic is time for marketing departments to ideate, not hibernate, despite short-term challenges.