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When CEOs Meet Head of States

The practice of business leaders meeting heads of state has a long history that dates back centuries. However, the increased frequency of such meetings can pose new risks in the modern era.

Applications open for the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards 2023

Applications for the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards 2023 are now open, and this year sees the introduction of a brand new category recognizing companies making progress in reducing their carbon emissions.

Pakistan’s energy and economic woes intensify amid crippling blackouts

Recent blackouts could cost Pakistan its textile contracts, accounting for 8.5% of its gross domestic product. Without addressing the root causes of their problems, Pakistan’s economic woes are here to stay.

Healthcare Industry Battles Chronic Ransomware Attacks

VMware Carbon Black Senior Director, APJ Matt Bennett discusses ways healthcare organizations can adopt a proactive approach to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers.

Pharma 4.0 How Tech Solves the Counterfeit Drug Problem

HIMA Vice President Asia Pacific Friedhelm Best says for IoT to truly improve the counterfeit drug problem, one must have faith not just in the supply chain but in the production process itself; new, fully integrated ‘continuous manufacturing’ drug production facilities may just be the answer.