Ucare.Ai Gives Patients Price Guaranteed Procedures

Ucare.Ai Gives Patients Price Guaranteed Procedures

December 10, 2019

UCARE.AI, a Singapore-based health start-up, announces its AI-Powered Pre-Admission Cost of Hospitalisation Estimation APACHE system; enabling major hospitals in Singapore to offer fixed prices for certain medical procedures.

According to UCARE.AI Founder and CTO Neal Liu, Parkway Pantai’s Price Guarantee Programmes (PGP) will offer patients greater certainty and transparency in hospitalisation fees, so they may make well-informed decisions on medical treatment options.

“Core to our mission is the ability to help healthcare providers leverage AI to provide better patient experiences at every stage of the hospital journey. The introduction of PGP by Parkway Pantai underscores APACHE’s ability to lead a paradigm shift in how patients understand hospitalisation bills and, make decisions on treatment options. Looking ahead, we will continue roll out more AI systems and services to benefit patients globally,” says Liu.

APACHE was adopted by four major hospitals operated by Parkway Pantai in 2018, to provide more accurate hospital bill estimates. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, APACHE analyses a various parameters specific to the individual patient to predict the patient’s bill size from pre-admission until their eventual recovery.

Liu claims APACHE accounts for dynamically changing factors during the hospitalisation journey, such as disease aggravation, unexpected complications, or unplanned surgeries to generate personalised healthcare bills with an 82 per cent accuracy rate on average.

Through a process of self-learning, Liu claims APACHE has the ability to improve the accuracy of its estimations as it references more data collected over time.

After using APACHE for a year, Liu says Parkway Pantai’s launch of PGP indicates their confidence in UCARE.AI’s solution to provide highly-accurate predictions to offer guarantee prices for selected medical procedures. With the PGP, Parkway Pantai’s patients will be guaranteed prices for six common medical procedures, even if related complications arise and require additional treatment for up to seven inpatient days. These include the removal of piles, breast lumps, ovarian cysts, gallbladder, thyroid and tonsils.

Liu says providing price guarantees negates the need for patients to have financial counselling, and may focus their energies on recovery instead. For healthcare providers, Liu says this offers greater operational efficiencies with automated processes and augmented insights.

In terms of industry recognition, Liu says since the introduction of UCARE.AI’s APACHE in 2018, it earned Parkway Pantai an award for Best Adoption – Enterprise at the SG TechBlazer Awards 2019, for successfully leveraging innovative technologies to improve hospital operations. APACHE was also named by the Singapore Government as the first successful case to align with the five principles espoused in the new Model AI Governance Framework set out in a white paper published by Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

UCARE.AI concluded its Series A funding in 2018, with global investors including VC firm Walden International, Southeast Asia’s oldest insurance group Great Eastern, Singaporean investor and philanthropist Peter Lim, and law firm WongPartnership’s startup initiative WPGrowth Ventures.

(Ed. UCARE.AI says its a deep-tech company, with a proprietary ML and AI platform built on cloud-based microservices architecture. In the case of healthcare, UCARE.AI’s solutions include recommendations and predictions for hospitalisation and health risk scores, health nudges, dynamic pricing, bill and claim estimations, anomaly detection, medical demand forecasting, lead generation, personalised wellness and patient-doctor matchmaking.)


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