Salesforce Hub Helps Return-to-Work Readiness Salesforce Hub Helps Return-to-Work Readiness

May 8, 2020

Salesforce launches Command Center – a single hub for leaders to get a 360-degree view of return-to-work readiness across places, peoples and projects. will include new solutions to accelerate private and public sector response to the COVID-19
pandemic, including employee wellness assessment; shift management; contact tracing; emergency
response management; and grants and volunteer management.

The Command Center promises to bring all data streams together so that businesses and communities can make more informed decisions.

According to Salesforce President and COO Bret Taylor, this platform is a collaboration between health experts, business and technical leaders and academics from with the University of California San Francisco.

“Every company and community in the world is focusing on how to safely reopen and get to a new normal. With, we’re bringing together powerful new technology, our partners and network of experts to help organizations reopen and recover from this crisis while putting employee and visitor health and safety first,” says Taylor.

As businesses gear up to transition to reopening under strict movement controls, the gradual resumption of selected businesses and services is planned for the coming weeks in Singapore, says Salesforce GM Cecily Ng.

“With, we aim to help our customers get to a new normal by reopening and recovering from the Covid-19 crisis while putting employee and visitor health and safety first,” says Ng.

To support the initial response to COVID-19, Salesforce launched Salesforce Care, a suite of solutions
free for 90-days designed to help businesses stabilize during the initial phase of the crisis. Now, as
COVID-19 containment improves and the economy begins to restart, a more complicated recovery phase lies ahead.

According to Ng, businesses and other organizations will need to stay apprised of, and adhere to, ever-changing local and federal guidelines. They’ll need new ways of planning, managing and monitoring employee and workforce readiness; facilities preparedness; and emergency management response. They’ll need strong collaboration across departments, and tools to make data-driven decisions quickly and
communicate to employees, partners and customers at scale.

Key Platform Features Command Center allows organizations to bring together trusted data from internal applications and employee wellness surveys, create and disseminate important employee communications at scale, and surface public data through the Tableau COVID-19 data hub. Users can also add on MuleSoft to integrate additional data sources and Tableau for more custom data visualizations.

Contact Tracing allows public and private sector leaders to manually trace health and relationship
contacts in a safe and private manner, by collecting data from individuals who are infected or
potentially exposed to an infectious disease and creating visual maps of contacts and locations to
monitor potential interactions and outbreak.

Emergency Response Management is a suite of products built in collaboration with Accenture
that allows public health organizations, government agencies and the private sector to manage all
types of emergencies, deliver care to those affected and allocate resources and services quickly.

Public health institutions can protect communities from widespread impacts by enabling contact tracers to effectively record and understand data; quickly triage and evaluate patients; and provide ongoing
engagement and monitoring.

Government agencies can streamline emergency response operations and approvals, deploy resources and schedule emergency services.

Employee Wellness allows leaders to gather the data needed to monitor and analyze employee and visitor health and wellness. Companies can create employee health surveys, monitor wellness trends and use data to make informed decisions on the return to work.

Shift Management enables organizations to orchestrate the eventual return of employees to the office through shift management capabilities that can help reduce office density. In addition, organizations can avoid large groups in the office or elevators through spatial distance and scheduling breaks, including the management of third-party suppliers or vendor services.

myTrailhead for Employees delivers content to help employees skill up on new ways of working with out-of-the-box training, learning and wellness programs. In addition, employers can ensure returning employees comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed.

Volunteer & Grants Management will help organizations fulfill their relief goals with flexible,
scalable tools that streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making processes.

To help provide guidance and insights for businesses navigating the COVID-19 crisis and what comes next, Salesforce’s new resource center includes expert commentary and advice from respected voices, such as Dr. David Agus, Dr. Larry Brilliant, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Harvard Business School economist Linda A. Hill, political scientist Ian Bremmer and others.

The resource center gives everyone access to ideas and industry trends that are top of mind for business leaders looking to stabilize their businesses, adapt to a new normal, and plan for an eventual return to growth.

Salesforce’s partner ecosystem is providing guidance and solutions for organizations of all sizes
and across industries to return to the workplace safely. Global Strategic Consulting Partners, including Accenture, Deloitte and PwC, are’s inaugural industry and business transformation

Equipped with a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and industry-specific knowledge, these advisors provide critical services to help organizations transform for the future.

Partners including Fusion Risk Management, Traction Guest and ComplianceQuest are building the inaugural ISV solutions on the Salesforce platform to extend These solutions will empower
customers to build business continuity and risk management plans, adapt supply chains, manage
employees and visitors on site and more.

Salesforce claims more than 8,000 companies have already signed up for Salesforce Care, a suite of free solutions designed to help businesses stabilize during the initial phase of the crisis. This includes employee and customer support, social media monitoring and engagement, remote collaboration and data analysis solutions with Tableau, specific offerings for the healthcare and manufacturing industries, and free access to Salesforce Essentials to help small businesses.

Salesforce says its also launched the AppExchange COVID-19 Resource Center, a central resource of COVID-related solutions, and partnered with Amazon to offer free access to Amazon Connect so service teams working remotely can stay connected.

(Ed. Saleforce says the Command Center is expected to be generally available in June 2020.)


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