Zebra Thanks Nurses with Launch of Global Competition

Zebra Thanks Nurses with Launch of Global Competition

June 11, 2020

Zebra Technologies rolls out a series of initiatives, including a global competition and donations to help thank Nurses around the world for their COVID-19 relief efforts. 

According to Zebra Technologies Regional Director SEA Fang-How Lim, front-line workers are modern day heroes as they serve in hospitals, grocery stores, delivery vehicles, post offices, warehouses, and more.

Lim says Zebra remains steadfast in its resolve to empower those on the front line with technology that spans Zebra’s entire portfolio of solutions for the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and public safety industries.

To address front-line healthcare protection needs, Zebra launches its COVID-19 Heroes microsite this month, to recognize the efforts of front-line workers and share information on how Zebra’s technology can enable them at work.

“To those affected during this period, our thoughts are with you. We cannot thank the front-line workers enough, as they selflessly serve the nation to keep us safe and keep our lives as normal as possible during these challenging times. We salute them for their hard work, and we will continue to provide them with the support and technological resources to help them do their jobs,” says Lim.

In a nod to healthcare professionals, Zebra recently rolled out a new competition for nurses and nursing students, encouraging them to submit their ideas on how technology can help solve some of today’s biggest healthcare challenges. Five winning submissions will be selected based on criteria including an innovative approach and the applicability of the solution in today’s healthcare environment. Zebra claims each of the five winners will receive a USD1,000 scholarship which can be used for certification, continuing education, college loans or nursing school.

To support the fight against COVID-19 and put technology in the hands of front-line workers, Zebra also claims it donated barcode printers and supplies to the Huoshenshan and Shenzhen University General Hospitals, and to the National Institutes of Health – University of the Philippines Manila.

Lim says apart from providing technology to front-line workers, the thorough disinfection of mobile computers, tablets, printers and scanners is essential to support infection control in workplaces and public spaces.

“As Zebra’s devices are used by many front-line workers across shifts, it is crucial to ensure that these devices are cleaned and disinfected properly to prevent the spread of virus, while protecting the health of workers. The guidelines that we have in place help to educate workers on how they can effective clean their devices. As each device is made unique in its design and function, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and each device requires a different cleaning protocol,” says Lim.

(Ed. Interested participants can submit applications here. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Zebra says winners will be announced in August 2020.)


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