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The Human Edge Augments Automation in Industry 5.0

In the relentless pursuit of innovation, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift from Industry 4.0 to 5.0. Why? Industry 4.0, while transformative, faces limitations: workplace displacement, technological complexity, and unsustainable automation.  

Study Finds High-Skilled Professional Jobs Most Impacted By AI

A global team of 20 social scientists studying artificial intelligence (AI) activities across key digital hubs around the world over a four-year period spanning 2019 to 2023 revealed findings that high-skilled professional jobs in major digital hubs, including Singapore, may be the most impacted by AI.

Using Automation in Logistics To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Philipp Schitter, Vice President of Business Development Asia Pacific at AutoStore clears the misconceptions of not being able to achieving Sustainable Development Goals with Automation in Logistics with his article unpacking, among other things, the  factors causing emissions in warehousing.

The Asia Food Challenge Report 2023

PwC, Rabobank, Temasek, and Terrascope launched the third edition of the biennial Asia Food Challenge Report, focused on the opportunity to decarbonize the agri-food value chain in Asia.

How Will Electric Vehicles Impact Real Estate In Asia Pacific?

Asia Pacific electric vehicle (EV) sales have seen exponential growth in the past two years, accounting for nearly two-thirds of global auto sales. The soaring demand for charging facilities across the region provides the opportunity for commercial real estate owners to enhance their assets with EV charging installations.

DBS Brand Still Healthy Despite Outages

DBS’ brand health remains higher than rival banks OCBC, UOB and Trust Bank, despite recent outage and service disruption. 

The Green Fintech Report 2023

The Green Fintech Report 2023 – titled “The Intersection of Green, Fin, and Tech: A Study across 5 APEC Economies” provides deeper insights into the developmental landscape of Green Fintech across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, and Singapore.

Streamlining Digital Experiences To Deliver Stronger eCommerce Outcomes

Albert Nel, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Contentsquare discussing the findings from their 2023 Retail Digital Experience Benchmark report and how retail and e-commerce players can adjust their digital strategy to lift their online experience offering for greater customer retention.

For IoT Defense CIOs Turn to Zero Trust Principles

Tri Pham, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Tata Communications discusses how the combination of Mobile Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust techniques can fortify the security of remote and mobile Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Temus’ Step IT Up Career Program on Third Run As Singapore Digital Economy Crosses $100bn Mark

Temus’ third iteration of Step IT Up program enables locals with no prior tech backgrounds to work in sectors ranging from telco to healthcare, insurance to government organizations.

How To Build Resilient and Carbon-Neutral Data Centers

Over the weekend of Oct 14-15, 2023,  a data center power outage had disrupted the services of Singapore’s DBS Bank and Citibank, causing waves of news coverage focusing on the inconvenience caused to the users and banks. This has brought to light the need for data center operators to be more mindful of adopting solutions – so as to minimize such risks to consumers and businesses.

EIU: Ten Critical Risk Scenarios Facing The Global Economy

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) today releases their Risk Outlook 2024 which provides a look at the economic, political and geopolitical risks facing the global operating environment, with in-depth expert risk analysis.

Top Three Manufacturing Technology Trends

From pandemic to inflation. From supply chain disruption to labor market shortages. The past two or so years have proved challenging for businesses. And yet the manufacturing sector has proved resilient.

How Will AI Impact the Future of Work

According to the last Workday global study, 98% of CEOs say their organizations would benefit from implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), but trust remains a concern.

Creating Smarter Fashion With AI

Nascent generative AI can create 3,000 designs in two days. But fashion experts say designers can find a friend in AI, debunking fears it would replace humans.

APAC gamers lead the globe on most time spent gaming per week

Data from YouGov’s Global Gaming & E-sports 2023 whitepaper covering 18 international markets shows Asian markets dominate the gaming market, registering a high proportion of engaged weekly gamers across the region.

Career Coaches: Can AI Replace Human Connection?

CoachHub’s latest unveiling of AIMY, the first AI career coach, begs the question: could an AI fully replace the human connection offered by a human career coach?

Raise Data Center Temperature and Reduce Emissions

Data centers are projected to draw one-fifth of global power and contribute up to 5% of carbon emissions by 2025. Given that the Asia Pacific data center and hosting services industry is projected to be a USD 32 billion market by 2024, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH Regional Sales Director Kevin Wee discusses data center energy usage and makes the case for raising the temperature to save consumption, and carbon output.

Singapore’s 20 Hottest Startups of 2023

Singapore Business Review’s twelfth edition presents the Hottest Startups of 2023. Healthcare startups dominated the top 20 list.

Data Virtualization Drives Successful Data Governance

Without a holistic view of an organization’s data, most data management and governance practices end up being ineffective.

Are AI-Powered Contact Centers a Hype or Reality?

Business leaders should see AI as a powerful tool to help them achieve exceptional customer experience on the front-end and superior digital transformation on the backend.

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