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How Will AI Impact the Future of Work

According to the last Workday global study, 98% of CEOs say their organizations would benefit from implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), but trust remains a concern.

Google’s Unchecked Power on Online Reviews

Google’s search dominance allows it to play a pivotal role in controlling the dissemination of information across the Internet. When it comes to its ability to limit bad reviews based on proprietary and undisclosed algorithms, Google has the potential to harm rather than protect free speech.

The Enigma of a Contrarian Land

Legend had it that a long time ago, a wise sage named Aennox had discovered the mystical power of the word “no.” His followers believed that uttering this seemingly negative word was the key to unlocking hidden truths and reaching a higher plane of consciousness…but reality hardly ever resembled theory.

Land Ahoy! How the Boat People Came to Fear Boat People

As the debate over the Illegal Migration Bill enters its committee stage in the House of Lords this month, we discuss the UK’s national mood in the context of its past, and whether capping migration flows supports or hinders the UK Government’s ‘job growth mind-set’ when it comes to re-booting its economy post Brexit.

How to be Kind to a Corporate Psychopath

Working with a corporate psychopath must be one of the most difficult challenges for any leader or team member to experience in their career. Trying to manage this kind of personality with kindness is not however, impossible. Michael Lloyd-White, previously a Chief Advisor to World Kindness USA, shares how it’s done…

When CEOs Meet Head of States

The practice of business leaders meeting heads of state has a long history that dates back centuries. However, the increased frequency of such meetings can pose new risks in the modern era.

APAC gamers lead the globe on most time spent gaming per week

Data from YouGov’s Global Gaming & E-sports 2023 whitepaper covering 18 international markets shows Asian markets dominate the gaming market, registering a high proportion of engaged weekly gamers across the region.

Diversity is the First Step in Developing Ethical AI Systems

Supa CEO Mark Koh discusses the importance of diversity in the Machine Learning process in order to create ethical AI systems.


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