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How to be Kind to a Corporate Psychopath

Working with a corporate psychopath must be one of the most difficult challenges for any leader or team member to experience in their career. Trying to manage this kind of personality with kindness is not however, impossible. Michael Lloyd-White, previously a Chief Advisor to World Kindness USA, shares how it’s done…

When CEOs Meet Head of States

The practice of business leaders meeting heads of state has a long history that dates back centuries. However, the increased frequency of such meetings can pose new risks in the modern era.

APAC gamers lead the globe on most time spent gaming per week

Data from YouGov’s Global Gaming & E-sports 2023 whitepaper covering 18 international markets shows Asian markets dominate the gaming market, registering a high proportion of engaged weekly gamers across the region.

Diversity is the First Step in Developing Ethical AI Systems

Supa CEO Mark Koh discusses the importance of diversity in the Machine Learning process in order to create ethical AI systems.

Career Coaches: Can AI Replace Human Connection?

CoachHub’s latest unveiling of AIMY, the first AI career coach, begs the question: could an AI fully replace the human connection offered by a human career coach?

Ten Principles to Forge a Cooperative Urban Ecosystem

Revisiting the book from the Centre for Liveable Cities and Urban Land Institute to address common challenges cities face in building climate resilience.

Next-Gen Leaders Merge Individual and Collective Approaches to Leadership

The pursuit of private interest or pursuit of the common interest of the group is a tension that must be balanced for leaders who want long-term success.